Volunteer Events

A Social Distancing Thought...


As we've been living with the social distancing protocol for a number of months, we find ourselves being very conservative when inviting the public to join us in activities. 

What we've learned so far is encouraging because distancing turns out to be very easy to do when working in the Alpine Garden and along the Riverwalk.  These are very large areas where you'll find yourself weeding a spot that is 10, 25 or even 30 feet away from another volunteer.  When working alone, you really don't need a mask.  But if you need to speak with someone or choose to work closely with another volunteer,  you can easily slip your mask on when needed.

Being outdoors is so good for the soul and it feels great to accomplish a task!

We hope that you'll consider volunteering with us next time you have a bit of time.  It's just amazing what a few people can accomplish in one short hour!


So, here's the invite...    Not exactly an "event" but an ongoing opportunity to serve.

Every MONDAY Evening (unless it's raining)

We meet at the Alpine Garden to do some weeding. 

We start at 6 pm and stop at 7 pm. (5 pm - 6 pm in the fall)

Then, we often enjoy a sip or two of wine.

It's that simple. 

Bring a few hand tools and enjoy the evening air with us. 

We'd love to meet you!