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Hartford Historic Landmark Murals


These beautiful mosaic murals were commissioned by VBH and created by Pamela Bean, a glass artist from Manitowoc, WI.  Each panel is made from hundreds of small stained glass pieces creating these delightful scenes of special historic places right here in Hartford.  

You will find the artist's initials hidden in ELEVEN different places?? 

On the first two murals there are four sets of initials.  On the last mural, there are three. 

We are grateful to our community who joined with us in order to bring the murals to Hartford's Riverwalk.

A special thanks goes to the Hartford Area Foundation for funding the project.  A big thanks goes out to Steel Craft Corporation and Hartford Finishing for building, powder coating and delivering the steel frames that hold the murals.  We also extend our appreciation to Bill Wagner & Son and the other volunteers who worked diligently to install the murals so they will last as a permanent display along our Riverwalk



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