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About Volunteers for a Beautiful Hartford

We believe that everyone benefits from a clean and attractive downtown and beautiful parks. A pretty landscape promotes mental health and happiness for those who see it. It also improves the perceived value of our businesses, homes, and natural areas.

In 2004, Laura Henke and Leslie Ashford (our founding members) were the driving force behind getting flower baskets installed on the lamp post downtown.  

Today we continue to plant and maintain the flower baskets and urns along Main Street. Our efforts are seen along the Riverwalk where we created a beautiful Alpine Garden and care for plants and flowers on both sides of the Rubicon River and Millpond area. Volunteers care for various other plots around town adding touches of beauty for all to enjoy. In 2021 VBH began managing the holiday lights display at the Riverwalk.

Explore our website and follow us on social media to stay updated on everything we're doing to make Hartford blooming! Then, take a walk downtown and see it for yourself. You might even meet one of our volunteers, so please say hi if you do!


If you feel inspired to get involved, we would love to have you!

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